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Company Profile

BCB is a global independent high-tech enterprise with professional internet information services, E-commerce platform and enterprise application software development. The “face to face”E-commerce platform which is designed by us is of great significance, making the E-commerce platform business of the electromechanical industry to achieve new breakthroughs in China.

Our company was founded by more than 30 enterprisesinSeptember 2011, headquartered in Beijing and has offices and branches in major cities of China including Anhui and Jilin.

By adhering to the core principles and values-“Dedicated, Remarkable, Sharing and Responsible”, we brought together a large number of electrical and mechanical, IT, media and marketing areas professionals(including the returnees team with rich experience, as well as the industry elite from well-known enterprises),which composeour strong, experienced, efficient and stable team of development, operation and management.

Based on the committed groupof experts with extensive experience and capabilities,numbers of well-known websites in mechanical and electrical field, such as Cable Online(www.dianlan.cn), Meter Online (www.yibiao.cn),Valve Online(www.famen.cn),Electric Online(www.dianqi.cn)were launched, to offer high quality one-stop services for relative enterprises, employees and end-users. Our services are as follows: network business,price information, supply and demand information, stores coordination, industrialconsultation, enterpriserecruitment, technique communication etc.

With epoch-making innovation model and network technology, we have wonadeeply affirmation and praise of niche business enterprises such as wire and cable, instruments and meters, valves, electrical, users andRTPO. In the future,we will continually upgrade and innovatethe business model to produce an overall positive impact in electromechanical industry.We undertake to dedicate all our strength, wisdom and vitality in an unrelenting endeavor topromote theconstructing of the harmonious society.

Our home

We advocate and pursue simple, exquisite, conform to the positioning of the design.
We create a free, dynamic office environment. Happiness, imagination, communication are our foundation of creative inspiration.

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