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“Cable information broadcastof China” is premiered

2014-01-10 16:58:00

On January 8, 2014, wire and cable industry in several media collaboration, cable released "cable information broadcast in China" online video program is launched.

“Cable information broadcastof China”column in the form of monthly physical count to comb, wire and cable industry news is not only beneficial to the audience understand the industry dynamic, timely to the traditional way of story opens up a new form.


Media editors watch “Cable information broadcastof China”.

In online premiere ceremony, China, international business, China JingJiWang, China quality news, China industry news, the public media, such as the China business news and south China electric power news, cable network, cable, cable network on-line in sectors such as media reporter editors together watching the show samples, and puts forward Suggestions in view of the insufficiency on the content.

According to “Cable information broadcastof China” columns and bayi by one of the states, director of the center for media Zhang Guigui introduction, wire and cable industry plays a very important position in national economy, and is known as the "blood" and "nerve" of national economy.In recent years, the mass media attention to cable industry growing, industry media also active, joint production various media content is to will the industry events, problems, development trend will clearly presented to the audience.

In order to put the “Cable information broadcastof China”column planning is made, the column group invited television professionals as technical support, and has set up a special studio and computer room.Each video program except in the media industry zone play will also sina, sohu, xinhua, People's Daily and other news media platform to show.

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