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Cable Online Included in the "2013" the top 10 news wire and cable industry

2014-01-10 15:59:00

To “line in the online employed by optical cable chamber of commerce in Jiangsu province” as the core content of the “open discipline construction of wire and cable industry new ideas” news selected recently announced the 2013 annual top 10 news wire and cable industry, once again caught the attention of the media for cable industry self-iscipline.

The jury for the cable online selected industry top ten news keywords is: self-discipline.Main news reason is: in June 2013, the cable online employed by optical cable chamber of commerce of Jiangsu province, became the independent third-party consulting services, as will provide technical support and the latest price for wire and cable market monitoring service, and help the chamber of commerce, self-discipline and supervision committee to focus on the cable of the project bidding price investigation and analysis.


Cable Online as the independent third-party consulting services employment photoelectric cable chamber of commerce in Jiangsu province.

By the mass media and media industry committee of experts believe that the cable online together with optical cable chamber of commerce in Jiangsu province started the domestic industry public professional web site in the local cable chamber of commerce, quality supervision. To price monitoring, clarify the cable industry to become an effective means of promoting the construction of self-discipline.Cable online network red this price in on-line monitoring and real time release of wire and cable “price bottom line with the latest market price”, make industry users for a variety of cable specification and market prices, the industry boycott campaign at a low price, users hit a high mark.

At the same time, the extension from the news out of the 2013 annual industry self-discipline other news sites involved in local chamber of commerce of quality supervision of wire:On May 16, launched the national key product price monitoring wire and cable;On September 12, first built in Jiangsu province pledges inspect bureau incorporated into the “rights” workstation in wire and cable in Jiangsu chamber of commerce, wire and cable enterprise caused strong repercussions in the whole province;China federation of electric power enterprises in the wire and cable enterprise credit rating evaluation, ect.

Wire and cable industry in 2013 annual top 10 news poll by southern cable network, cable, cable network, on-line in China JingJiWang, China quality news, China industry news, China business news, China electric power news media editor, industry experts, netizens vote together, and the selection of fairness, objectivity, authority and credibility. At the same time in the "2013 annual wire and cable industry top ten news" campaign of quality supervision of news and cable chamber of commerce:Preparatory establishment, wire and cable, wire and cable industry the national chamber of commerce industry into the national industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue, for the Chinese wire and cable companies, say, sichuan star cable led industry to reflect, wire and cable products quality improvement work effective, the new nuclear power cable products fill the blank of the world, China's first successful erection of overhead stranded carbon fiber core aluminum conductor, rise "aluminum alloy cable hot" in our country and foreign electric wire electric cable giant stepping up efforts in r&d.

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