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Industry vertical electric business platform
Cable Online
Cable Online(www.dianlan.cn) is a leading e-commerce platformin
wire and cable industry of China,dedicating tooffer high qua
lity one-stop services for relative enterprises,employees
and end-users. The services are as follows: network
business,price information, supply and demand in
formation, stores coordination, industrialconsulta
tion,enterpriserecruitment, technique communi
cation etc.
Meter Online
Meter Online(www.yibiao.cn) is an important e-commerce platform
in instrument and meter industryof China, which is supported
by China Instrument and Control Society and China Inst
rument Manufacturers Association. Based on instrum
ent and meter industry, thisplatformdedicate to crea
tethe most authoritative subdivided web cluster, of
fer high quality one-stop services for relative ent
erprises which includes manufacturers, channel
distributors, end-users and other organs. Our s
ervices are as follows: price information, stores
coordination, network business, industrial consu
ltation, enterpriserecruitment, technique communi
cation etc.
Valve Online
Valve Online(www.famen.cn)is a leading e-commerce platformin valve industryof China, dedicate tooffer high quality one-stop services,includingthe latest industry information, fast online transactions, real-time price quotes, comprehensive product information and cutting-edge technology exchange.Since its founding platform by the valve industry upstream and downstream enterprises, practitioners, and the end user attention and seriously, has been hailed as a most professional e-commerce platformin domestic valve industry.
Electric online
Electric online(www.dianqi.cn) is a leading e-commerce platform in electric industry of China, dedicating to offer high quality one-stop services for relative enterprises, employees and end-users. The services are as follows: network business, price information, supply and demand information, industrial consultation, enterprise recruitment, technique communication etc.
Relying on scientific and objective standards, improve the efficiency of the service team to provide technical advice and accurate industry reference for enterprises and industry users.
All media integrated service provider
With the new media and the Internet, magazines, television, and other media

With the new media and the Internet, magazines, television, and other media

Relying on editor and reporter, public relations, video productionand other departments close fit, adopts the way of integrated communication strategy to promote, gave rise to mechanical and electrical enterprises internal new core competitiveness, organization construction of mechanical and electronic enterprise external competition of the pattern of a larger system competitiveness, become mechanical and electronic enterprise long-term development and trusted industry brand consultant.

BCB Media Center

BCB Media Center have a high- quality professional team, from the information collection, selection, processing, production, production and transmission are carried out strictly in accordance with the standards of China central television (CCTV). With the joining and led by CCTV senior media person before, absorbed many in the industry with rich experience of planning, management, business operations, and other professionals.

BCB Media Center
Integrated studio system

Integrated studio system

At present, we have a 200m2studio, many millions of photography, lighting, studio system such as integration, which can realize the switch of the multi-channel video signal source in the studio, non-linear editing, broadcast live, streaming media distribution, television program manufacture technologies such as virtual studio. The team won a wide recognition in the industry with the outstanding performance in large domestic instrument of exhibition, Cable, electronic exhibition fair and the industry BBS.

Set out and carry out the program of corporate PR and propaganda plans, coordinate the public relations between enterprises and external medium, government.
Shoot and productall kinds of corporate videos, planall kinds of interview or live TV, produce industry conference video.
Plan and carry out various kinds of exhibition in mechanical and electronic industry
Found industry news,unscramble News Focus;Research and analysis for industry;Publishtrade journal

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